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Asus x509ja-ej136 ram upgrade

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asus x509ja-ej136 ram upgrade

Accessories Thunderbolt 3 add-on card. All series - Intel. Wireless Adapters. Range Extenders. Wireless Keyboards. Mechanical Keyboards. Membrane Keyboards. Keyboard and Mouse Combos. ASUS X Where to buy. Where to buy Overview. ASUS Software. View the model in 3D.

Guide: upgrade the RAM or storage of your TUF Gaming A15 laptop

Experience the power of an everyday classic.They are all here on this one page. Just start with the "select a series" box on the left and the configurator will direct you to the correct RAM memory, SSDs and accessories for your model every time.

You can call, chat or email our upgrade team at anytime, we love helping people choose the right upgrade to extend the life of their computer. No questions asked refund policy. Local technical staff available to assist you at any time. This model has no available computer memory upgrades because the RAM is soldered on the main board. Memory was only an option at the time of purchasing the new computer. The RAM is not Upgradeable.

There are other ways to speed up this model, please contact the Upgradeable team for more details. For a notebook, your Asus model number should be printed on the notebook above the keyboard, or located on a sticker on the underside. Welcome to the Upgradeable Asus model page. You can quickly search our database and find your model and what upgrades you can buy to improve its performance.

Start by clicking on the "find your model series" box. A drop down list of models should appear. Choose what series your computer belongs to, such as Zenbook. Step 2 is clicking in the next box "Select a Model" and all the models in that series will appear. Scroll to choose your model. When you find your model, selecting it will make all the upgrade options appear. If you have any problems, please contact us via our online contact form or call our office. We appreciate all feedback, it helps improve our service.

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There are multiple ways you can identify how many memory slots your Acer Computer has:. Physically looking.If you have a little bit of time and an ordinary screwdriver, you can get even more value out of this laptop. We made it easy to open up the A15 and install more storage space and RAM.

Make sure you place the laptop on a non-conductive surface like a wood table or stone countertop, and then touch any grounded piece of metal you can find to discharge lingering static. If you can work in a room with hard flooring, such as wood or tile, so much the better. Turn it off, unplug it from the power adapter, and flip it over on a well-lit, stable surface.

As you take out the screws, pay attention to which one goes where. It can be helpful to set them on your working surface around the edge of the laptop so that you can return them to the holes where you found them.

The reason to be careful here is that some of the screws are longer than others. If you put a long one into a short hole, you could drive it into sensitive hardware and damage your device. Muffin or cupcake pans can also help you sort long and short screws easily. Next, loosen the pop-up screw. All you have to do is unscrew it until the panel pops up. With the screws removed and the pop-up screw loosened, you can now remove the bottom panel. A fingernail between the panel and the rest of the chassis should suffice to pop the panel free.


A plastic spudger or even an old credit card should be all you need. The mechanical hard drives of the past were bulky devices, but you might not even notice the primary drive of your A There are two M. Then hold the drive by its edges as you push the end with the connector pins into the slot. Press down slowly and firmly until the half-circle notch on the end of the drive lines up parallel with the mounting screw hole. Hold the drive in place while you thread the mounting screw back in.

Put the bottom panel of the A15 back on and screw it into place. Down the road, you can also remove the primary M. Slip a high-speed M.

asus x509ja-ej136 ram upgrade

The primary storage drive is on the left side of the laptop next to the cooling fan. Remove the mounting screw to loosen the cover and heat spreader. The cover should roll back naturally, and then you can peel it off.

During this process, the old drive will rise just a bit on its own. With the drive in place, thread in the mounting screw gently. Remember that it just needs to be finger-tight. There may come a day when you want more RAM in your system. The RAM slots are easy to find in the A Now, pull the stick of memory back firmly yet gently to remove it from the slot.

Use steady pressure rather than a sudden yank. Throughout this process, keep your fingers off the metal connections at the bottom of the stick.

Get that lined up, and then push the RAM into the slot slowly and firmly. Once the stick is fully seated in the slot, push it down toward the motherboard until the mounting clips click into place.Before we start, a quick disclaimer: Doing this upgrade is at your own discretion and risk. I take no responisbility for system failures or incompatabilities while upgrading this laptop!

Having said that, if you follow this guide well, you shouldn't have any issues. Now an important note ; I used Crucial's RAM as it is advertised as compatible with this computer, but you can at your own risk of potential incompatability use another brand. It shouldn't make any difference, however you can never be too careful.

Push the right side switch to the right until a red bar shows picturedthen fully push and hold the left side switch and push the battery away from you until it slides out of the computer pictured. It should stay at 45 degrees if you let go. Finallyto double check everything was a success, open control panel Right click on an empty part of the taskbarand navigate to performance.

Click on the box labled " Memory " and it should say " 8. If that is shown then I recently installed a Micron 4gb Ddr3l mhz ram for this model, it runs well for some time. Now randomly shut down, however I tried on other laptop, no issues. Reply 11 months ago. This tutorial shows you how to upgrade from 4gb default installed to 8gb via the spare slot in the bottom of the computer.

Thanks for this excellent instructable. It was accurate and easy to follow. Now my old laptop has new life! Now the fun begins :. Then completely remove the battery and place to one side for now. Ignoring steps 4 and 5, reassemble the laptop by doing steps 3,2,1 - but in reverse. The laptop should boot to the lock screen normally, with no changes.

You just upgraded your ASUS laptop! Hope you liked this tutorial, its my first! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. Jake-Jones wandherllay.

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Jake-Jones fchowla Reply 11 months ago. Penolopy Bulnick 1 year ago.Thin and light. Content creation. All-day battery. OLED display. ProArt StudioBook Ultimate performance for creators. ZenBook Premium, thin, and light. VivoBook Perform in style. Chromebook Simple, secure, cloud-based. Everyday use Work or play, every day.

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asus x509ja-ej136 ram upgrade

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Upgrading Asus X550C and CA Series Laptop RAM

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