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Live pandurang darshan pandharpur

The Vithoba temple brings about a million Hindu pilgrims to observe the Aashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashis every year as well as the regular rush of devotees daily. The ancient temple of Shri. Vitthal renovated in A. The temple includes eight entrances.

The principal entrance is the eastern one called Mahadwar, known as Namdev Payari. Namdev Payari built upon the places at which the remains of the buried in his appetite. After Namdev Payari, there are three small rooms known as Mukti Mandap.

After crossing this sabha mandap, one passes a hall called Solkham because its superstructure rests on 16 pillars. Garood Khamb is the columns plated with Gold in the silver and base above it. Near solkhamb, there is a big stone slab with an inscription of A.

Close to the Solkhamb mandap, towards the sanctum is a small hall named Chowkhambh since the superstructure rests on four columns.

This Padsparshadarshan is unique and not found in the majority of the Hindu temples everywhere. For padsparsha Darshan, it takes 2 to 3 hours on ordinary days, 4 to 5 hours on weekly holidays, and Ekadashi day, and up to 24 to 36 hours on Yatra days. Bhakta or devotee can take Darshan of Vitthal in the space of about 25 meters and Rukmini, in the area of about 15 meters.

It requires just 15 to 20 minutes for Darshan. Darshan in Pandharpur has a distinctive significance valued sentimentally by all devotees which do not acquire in any other temples in India. Ashadhi Ekadashi — Each of the farmers finishes their pre-monsoon farming works along with the pilgrims visit Pandharpur. On the road of Alandi-Dehu to Pandharpur, many other warakaris join this march. Katiki Ekadashi comes at the end of the monsoon season, and many warakaris visit Pandharpur from Dehu, Alandi, Newasa, and other areas of Maharashtra.

It is a Modern invention depicting the ethos of the epic Gods and Saints. The location on the north side of town. The person who goes on the wari pilgrimage is called a Varkari the follower of the pilgrimage.

Pandharpur Vitthal Temple Darshan, Aarti, Opening Time & Pooja Timings

The Varkari goes on Wari for several times in a year. They follow the particular spiritual and moral code of conduct for a lifetime. People make a group to go on Wari in which they enjoy music and dance to express the feeling of devotion to Lord Vitthal. Varkari group together is conventionally called Dindi. Aashadi and Kartiki festivals attract a large crowd of about 8 to 10 lakhs.

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Contact Us. Pandharpur Darshan. Get Updates Now.The temple is located on the banks of Chandrabhaga River.

LIVE - पंढरपूर विठ्ठल दर्शन लाईव्ह - Pandharpur Vitthal Darshan Live - Aashadhi Ekadashi Pandharpur

In this temple all the devotees are allowed to touch the feet of the Vithoba Idol. Also in the year this temple becomes first in India who allows Women and People from backward classes as a priests. The Pandharpur Temple Darshan Timings will be from am to am in the morning, am to pm and than from pm to pm.

Devotees can also get the Pandharpur Temple Live Darshan in a single click with facility of Pandharpur Temple Online Darshan Booking so that they can have faster darshan compared to being in the long queue. Pandharpur Temple or the Vitthal temple is visited daily by hundreds of devotees for holy darshan of the Lord Vitthal. Devotees can also check the Temples Near Pandharpur Temple. Please check the lists of Temples below:.

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Devotees can hire or book any mode of transport from outside the airport to reach the temple. Many private bus operators also runs from many cities and towns of Maharashtra. Temples Near Pandharpur Temple S. Distance to Pandharpur Temple S. You may also like. Join the conversation via an occasional email Receive replies to your comment via email.

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Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai Darshan Timings.Hordes of pilgrims flock to Pandharpur for Pandharpur temple live darshan through their television sets or such other media. In the district Solapur in the state of Maharashtra in western India lays a town called Pandharpur. In Maharashtra it is one of the most revered pilgrimage site. Pandharpur temple i. Vithoba is believed to be the local form of lord Krishna or Vishnu and his consort Rukmini.

It is one of the most visited temples in Maharashtra. Pandharpur is located 65km west of Solapur on the banks of river Bhima.

It is also known as Chandrabhaga. Pandharpur, also known as southern Kashi of India proudly hosts the kuldaivat of Maharashtra state i. Vithoba, also known as Vitthal, Pandurang or Pandhari is supposed to be the supreme god of universe and an incarnation of lord Shiva and Vishnu for the Maharashtrians.

The word Vitthal is taken from the word Vishnu in kanada. The old name of Pandharpur — Pandurang is a sanskritized form of Pandarang. This shrine is also called as Pundarika pura after a saint — pundalik who was closely associated to this shrine. The Wakaris i. A dip in the holy river Chandrabhaga is believed to have power to wash all sins.

The temple which covers a vast area has 6 gates.

live pandurang darshan pandharpur

Namdev gate is the eastern entrance of the temple. The temple has a standing image of Vithoba.

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The image stylistically dates back to the 5 th century BC. Inscriptions that adorn the temple date back to the 13 th century. So now only priests are allowed to touch the idol and conduct rituals.


Certain daily rituals that are not religious but are crucial to perform form the routine of Bhagwat dharma at Pandharpur. This signifies the devotedness of the pilgrims towards their lord and Almighty. As a pilgrim enters from the Namdeo — Payri i. Many people who cannot visit the shrine perform Pandharpur temple live darshan through their televisions and seek their blessings.

You are doing great service to people living within the country or out side the country by enabling them to have holy darshans. Click here to cancel reply.Shri Pandurang. The parabrahma or the God of Pandharpur is worshipped and lovingly called by his devotees with many names in different course of the time, like Pandharinath, Pandurang, Pandhariraya, Vithai, Vithoba, Vithumauli, Vitthal gururao, Pandurang, Hari etc.

However, today this God is well-known as Pandurang and Shri Vitthal. Some scholars believe that it is a distorted form of the original word Vishnu.

The words like Vittharas, Vitta found in various Kannad epigraphs are basically the elaboration of the word Vishnu. Vithoba is God Vishnu, standing on a brick and resting his arms on his west. Vithoba is Shri Krishna only. Wednesday is known as the day of Vithoba. So devotees varkari of Vithoba never leave Pandharpur on Wednesday even now. Vitthal is benevolent for the downtrodden and is bhaktakamkalpadrum and yogiyadurlabh. The sculpture is self made up of sand stone.

He has cap just like crown on his head. It is known as shivlinga as it looks like the shivlinga. Face of Shri Vitthal is long, cheeks are bulky, his eyes are looking horizontally straight. A Kaustubhmni is there around his neck like necklace.

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Shinke are on his back and on his shrivatsalanchhan. Angads are there on his both arms and on his both wrists he has Manibandhs.

Shri Vitthal put his both hands on his waist. In his right hand he has a Kambal and in left hand he has Shankha.

live pandurang darshan pandharpur

On his chest, there is a spot where Bhrugurishi had put his feet. There is Vastra around his waist. Soga of Vastra is up to his feet. On his left leg, there is sign of touch of a daasi. Thus this sculpture is standing on a brick. This is the only fortunate place where one can touch Lord's feet or keep one's forhead upon Lord's feet. In Dwapar era, there was a king named Muchkunda. In the battle between Gods and demons, Gods appealed him for help. King Muchkund fought bravely and made Gods Victorious.

Gods were very happy and asked him to seek blessings for him. He replied that he was quiet and he needed long sleep. So he requested to protect his sleep and to give him a strange power to burn, whosoever disturbs his sleep, to ashes just by looking at the culprit. The king was resting in one of the nearby caves. After some years during the time of Shri Krishna incarnation a big giant demon named kalyauvan launched a massive attack on Shri Krishna.

The demon Kalyauvan was sent by another demon king Jarasandh. No one could kill kalyauvan by any weapon because he possessed special power.It is the main centre of worship for Vithobaa form of the god Vishnu or Krishnaand his consort Rakhumai. It is the most visited temple in Maharashtra. The Warkaris start marching from their homes to the temple of Pandharpur in groups called Dindi procession to reach on Aashadhi Ekadashi and Kartiki Ekadashi.

A dip in the holy river Chandrabhagaon whose banks Pandharpur resides, is believed to have power to wash all sins. All the devotees are allowed to touch the feet of the idol of Vithoba. In Maythe temple became the first in India to invite women and people from backward classes as priests.

Although parts of the temple date to the 12th or 13th centuries, the existing structure mainly dates to the 17th century or later, and reflects the later Deccan style, with dome motifs and lobed arches. The saga of Pundalik is one of the most important Mahima legends about Vithoba. How Vithoba came to Pandharpur is a story in which Pundalik is vital. Pundalik is a devoted son to his parents Janudev and Satyavati, who lived in a forest called Dandirvan.

But after his wedding, Pundalik begins ill-treating his parents. Legend holds that people who die in the city of Kashi attain salvation and emancipation from the cycle of birth and death; so, many pious Hindus in the bygone era would relocate to Kashi as their end drew near. However, the elderly couple are not destined to escape their suffering so easily.

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Upon hearing his parents' plans, Pundalik and his wife decide to join them on pilgrimage. The ill treatment continues.

While the youthful son and his wife ride on horseback, the frail old couple walk in bad weather. Pundalik even makes his old parents work to make his own journey comfortable.

Every evening, when the party camps for the night, the son forces his parents to groom the horses and do other jobs. On the way to Kashi, the group reached the ashram hermitage of a pious and venerable sage, Kukkutswami.

Exhausted, the family decides to spend a few days there. That night, when all were asleep, Pundalik by chance is awake and sees a remarkable vision.

After finishing their chores, they go to the prayer-room. When they reappear after prayer, their clothes are spotlessly clean. Then, they vanish as inexplicably as they had appeared. Pundalik was not moved to raise an alarm, but feels a deep sense of peace witnessing the scene. It remains on his mind the whole day and he resolves to remain awake the next night, and confirm it was not merely a dream. This time, however, Pundalik is very curious. He approaches the beautiful women and asks details.

They reply, they are the Ganga GangesYamuna and other holy rivers of India—revered for their holiness. Pilgrims wish to take a dip in their holy waters to wash away their sins, which in fact are soiling their clothes. Then, the women say: "But O Pundalik, you, with your ill-treatment of your parents, are the greatest sinner of them all! He realizes his misdeeds, becomes entirely devoted to his parents and ensures their comfort, even risking his own.Are you the developer of this app?

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Each subscription will automatically renew 3 days before the expiration date for the same time period. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before the renewal.Religious places in the state reopened for the public on November 16 and all prominent temples, including Shree Vitthal temple in Pandharpur threw open their doors for devotees. However, the Pandharpur district administration issued curfew orders for November 25 and 26, so as to avoid public celebration of Kartiki Ekadashi November 26one of the most prominent days in the warkari tradition celebrated at Pandharpur every year.

Similarly, darshan of Lord Pandurang for the public will also be stopped for three days between November 25 and At Dehu, where the Samadhi temple of Sant Tukaram Maharaj is situated, the temple will be closed for three days starting November The decision has been taken by the Jagadguru Shree Sant Tukaram Maharaj Sansthan, Dehu, considering the increasing number of Covid positive patients in Pune district.

The temple administration has appealed to residents to not come to Dehu as the temple will be closed for three days for devotees. The daily puja, kirtan and other rituals will be carried out by the Sansthan.

live pandurang darshan pandharpur

However, the Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhi temple in Alandi will continue to remain open for devotees for these three days.

The Alandi Devsthan trust has not taken any decision regarding closure of the temple and will follow all Covid guidelines laid down by the state government. Meanwhile, it has been decided that deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar will attend the Maha puja along with his wife on November 26 in the morning.

The first puja will start at 1am and then at 2. Sign in Hi, Sign out.

live pandurang darshan pandharpur

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